m88官方下载 Portal

The m88官方下载 portal is a user-friendly hub allowing efficient order management, financial tracking, and container monitoring from any device. Customers can seamlessly integrate their systems for streamlined access to m88官方下载's services, providing a modern and convenient solution.


How To Get Access

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The m88官方下载 portal provides you with a single point of access to order information and services. From any device and at any time, you can perform a variety of tasks more quickly and easily:

  • Place, change or cancel an order
  • Access financial information and invoices
  • Receive Shipment Reports
  • Locate container qualification reports
  • Create and view support cases
  • Perform dry ice calculations
  • Calculate best way to load container and CryoSure
  • Manage QEP Accredited stations
  • Access the Partner Co-marketing library
  • Access our developer guide to explore our API´s
  • Sharing order information, Live Monitoring and Shipment reports with Data Sharing
  • Set up notifications and geofences to keep track of your units
  • Learn more about container management, as well as the cold chain industry as a whole, at the m88官方下载 Academy online.

Customers have the option to utilize their own systems for both order management and invoice processing. m88官方下载 provides a modern integration platform for customer access to our systems.


Electronic Invoicing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

For customers looking towards automating the incoming invoice process, we offer the electronic invoices to support:

  • Faster, easier, and more accurate invoice process
  • Lower administration cost

Electronic invoicing is an integrated solution that enables a fully automated flow directly from one company’s ERP system to another.